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About Retribution

We are a multicultural group of experienced players from the game Celtic Heroes.  Our vision is to build a community of dedicated, team-orientated, active, and most importantly ‘good-natured’ players who enjoy the socialization that comes with a MMORPG game. We have no interest in strong players who are ill-mannered. 

We encourage the practice of common sense, honesty, hardwork and in return we offer a platform that allows members to excel and grow through a reward/effort system that is both fair and transparent. Retribution uses a DKP system that has been designed and tailored to best reflect contribution based on the game's uninque mechanics for loot-based boss encounters.

We believe the perseverance of friendships and ultimately trust, forms the strongest proponent to a successful cohesive clan.  This vision has provided us and we believe will continue to provide us with the right direction that will ensure Retribution continues to grow into the future.

Retribution maintains a sister relationship with the clan TRClan. It is a training ground for up and coming players looking to join the Retribution family.  Entry requirements to Retribution is lvl 170 and TRClan is lvl 30.

If you are consiering joining us, please read the following:

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